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im a 21 year old kurdish girl living in london. im a full time university student

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I got 2 exams tomorrow and revision is getting to my head i feel like im going mad. I woke this morning to the voice of my mum calling me to come and watch the news. When i went to the living room, the TV was on Kurdistan TV (KDP channel). The report was on the latest suicide bombing but this time they hit Arbil (Hewler)in Kurdistan which has killed 62 people and the numbers are still rising. What is it with these extremists? they havent had enough of fucking up their own land theyre now doing the same with ours!!!!! Anyways.......................i dont do politics so i guess i'm always gonna be baffled!

Moving on swiflty, recently weve had this pigeon who lays eggs in our plants on the balcony. The first time the pigeon laid an egg my mum tried to move it to a better place so that my little brother doesnt break it. While trying to move it she drops and breaks it. Poor pigeon lays 2 other eggs a couple of months later and they hatched early january. Theey lived a couple of weeks and died. I think it was the cold weather. A couple of weeks ago the pigeon laid another 2 eggs and they have now hatched HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Theyre quite big now but because its a balcony they havent had much space to practice theyre flying. Awwwwwwww bless them. So anyways, this morning after watching the news i looked out onto the blacony and realised there was only 1 baby pigeon. So i went to the baclony and looked down onto the grass and saw the pigeon there!!!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I went down there and brought the pigeon back onto the balcony and called the RSPCA, they should be on their way here. The pigeon looks like it has done something to its neck because his neck is twisted lol. In conclusion i think my balcony is