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Friday, March 04, 2005

My Dream

I had a dream last night that felt so real that it led to me to cry when I awoke.
When I woke up I quickly grabbed my laptop and thought I have to write this down.
The dream was based in a Turkish airfield that was miles and miles away from the city or any other human contact. The only people that were at the airfield were American and Turkish soldiers.

The dream started with Saddam bringing out a water bottle and unscrewing the lid for him to drink. And then appeared an American soldier who told Saddam to raise his arms so he can scan him to see if he has any weapons. That is when I realised that I was actually there too, I was in the body a of Kurdish soldier.
I couldn’t believe that I, a female soldier was right there in front of Saddam standing only 2 feet away from him. I felt rage come over me and thought let me give him a piece of my mind. I started shouting “F*ck Arabs, F*ck Iraq, long live KURDISTAN, long live KURDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I kept repeating this over and over again at the top of my voice knowing that this is something that no other Kurd had been able to do.
Saddam stop drinking his mineral water that had been provided to him by the Americans and looked straight into my eyes with a long cold gaze. I didn’t feel no way because I thought he couldn’t do nothing to me as there was an American soldier standing by and say anything happened, he was there to protect me. Or well at least I thought I did.

Saddam threw the bottle on the floor and ran straight towards me and grabbed me by the hair. I was fighting back , throwing punches kicking him biting him everything that I could do. I managed to break free and just stood there, shocked that no one had come to help me, shocked that this murderer had the chance to touch me.
Saddam stood there picked up a loudspeaker that was nearby and started shouting in Arabic, the cursed language, he was calling all Arabs to come and kill me, he knew he couldn’t do nothing himself so he thought he would call his dogs. I thought, shit I cant handle them all so I started running.
While running images of that soldier standing there not helping me was playing in my mind over and over again, making me think that this must have happened before, Saddam was unarmed and an American chose not to help a Kurd in need so what was to make them help Kurds when Saddam was armed?????????????????????????????? I will leave that for you guys to think about.

Anyways, back to my story. I was running and running crying shouting for help. I ran into a tunnel were there were many Americans and to my surprise Turkish soldiers? What the hell? Why Turkish soldiers? What were they doing in my dream? What significance to they have to Saddam and the Kurds?

All these questions running through my mind with no answers. Still non of them offered to help, so I ran to the UN desk that was at the end of the Tunnel, but even there the people on the desk looked at me like they wanted to kill me.
When I first woke up and realised my dream, nothing made sense, like why was it based in a Turkish airfield? Why not in Iraq, but then I realised just like the Arabs the Turks and Americans are in the same boat.

Having had this written down and off my chest, I guess its true when they say “Kurds are the loneliest nation on Gods earth“.
Americans had the chance to help me in the dream but they chose not to, just like during the times of Halabja back in 1988 were thousands of Kurds were chemically killed. The Turkish authorities gleamed when they saw that I was in trouble, the same way they gleamed when Kirkuk was flooded with Arabs.